Study Suggestions

First, listen to the lesson as you look at what is being read aloud.

Next, while looking at the text, repeat orally what is read aloud AFTER you hear it.

Then read a portion of the text aloud BEFORE you hear it.

Turn off the sound and read the lesson aloud.

Hover your pointer over brown Greek words to learn the English definition.

Go over each lesson until you can read it aloud smoothly and know what all the words mean (without peeking).

Copy the lesson from the screen on paper several times.

Copy the lesson on paper while listening to the sound without looking at the screen.

If you have difficulty with one of these steps, return to the previous step.

Learn each lesson well enough that you can say and write the entire lesson from memory before you proceed to the next lesson. To facilitate this, you can divide the lesson up into blocks of three to five lines and memorize one block before going to the next.

Periodically, go back over all lessons you have studied to date, listening to the pronunciation, and repeating it either before or after you hear it, as you look at the text.

The index page shows the new word-forms introduced in each lesson. The English definition is displayed when you hover your pointer over a word.

The above are suggestions. Different people learn best in different ways. It is extremely important, however, that you master the material in one lesson before proceeding to the next lesson. This is programed instruction. The lessons are carefully structured so that each new lesson builds on the knowledge gained in the previous lessons. Periodic review of the lessons you have already studied is also important to refresh your memory.