Biographical Information

Loy Mitchell

Loy Mitchell was born in Lawrence, Kansas in 1932. His parents, Owen and Maude Mitchell, had three daughters and seven sons. All sons became preachers and three worked overseas in Argentina, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Loy and Donna Taylor were married in 1954 and were blessed with two girls and two boys.

Loy attended Central Christian College, Oklahoma Christian College and Abilene Christian University. He received a BA degree from ACU and did 24 hours toward his MA degree.

In 1958 Loy and Donna moved to Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia) as missionaries. Along with Dick Clark, Roy Palmer and Alex Claussen, Loy established the Nhowe Bible College in 1958. The name was changed to Mutare School of Preaching in 1970 when the school moved to Mutare. Loy was a guest speaker for the 50th anniversary of the school in 2008 with 1220 in attendance.

Alternating time in Zimbabwe with time in the States, Loy and Donna spent a total of 28 years living and working in Zimbabwe. They returned to the US in 1997 and Donna passed away in 2002.

In 2004 Loy and Debra Griffin were married.

Loy has preached in Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Zimbabwe. He conducts gospel meetings in the US and overseas.